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Best Web Design Training in Chennai

Why you should learn web design?

Web design can be great for creative types because it allows you to create something both beautiful and functional, all from your computer. If you are looking for a way to use your artistic side, web design is a great way to do it.

In today’s world, learning how to design websites can be an incredibly useful skill. To find out more about web design classes, contact us today. We can help create a custom course for your needs.

What is Web Design?

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development. Web design used to be focused on designing websites for desktop browsers; however, since the mid-2010s, design for mobile and tablet browsers has become ever-increasingly important.

A web designer works on the appearance, layout, and, in some cases, content of a website. Appearance, for instance, relates to the colors, font, and images used. Layout refers to how information is structured and categorized. A good web design is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and suits the user group and brand of the website.

    Web Design training - Trainer Profile

    • 10+ Year Experienced Trainer
    • Graphic Design Trainers at Kingofseo Academy trains the students with industry-relevant skills.
    • Graphic Designing Trainers at Kingofseo Academy are Industry leaders of the Graphic Designing field.
    • Trainers at Kingofseo Academy are Working professionals and they provide hands-on training to the students.
    • Trainers Upskills the designing knowledge of the students by training them with designing tools like Coreldraw, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Adobe Indesign.
    • Trainers at Kingofseo Academy provide the required individual attention to the students and explain the concepts clearly.
    • Trainers help the students in resume building and boost confidence in the students by providing the necessary mock interviews.
    Best Web designing Training in Chennai

    Our Lovable Student Google Reviews

    Student Jaikumar - Completed Expert Digital Business Owner - Galaxytraining.in

    I would like to thank Mr.Thanigasalam, for assisting and guiding us through Digital Marketing. We have seen the results in real-time for my concern. Our website https://galaxytraining.in for overseas education and test prep training on GRE, TOEFL, and such has reached top-ranking search pages. Our blogs are really doing well. We are having good conversions in our online strategy as laid by the team. I wish him and the team of Kingofseo for their dedication and commitment to their profession. All the best


    Student - Selvi - Expert Digital Course - Got Job in Chennai

    I completed Advanced digital in kingofseo. Very useful to the course in my future.I have thanks to my trainer he is very friendly behave to me. my trainer is good (Thanigasalam sir) thank you for your support.


    Student - M. Raja Ramana - Selected intellect Company

    It's my pleasure to share my review of your training. I joined kingofseo in December 2021 and completed the course digital in February 2021 after completing the course I got pleased in the intellect design area limited within two weeks. Thank you for Thanigasalam, sir .he was cool and friendly teaching.


    Student - J Jayaprakash - Expert Digital Course

    After completing my master's degree MCA. It was one of the best decisions to join the 3 Month Digital Course in Kingofseo Software Solutions and Training Private Limited Company Medavakkam Chennai. It is one of the best Digital marketing training courses (SEO SMO SEM SMM) with all the in-depth knowledge of each and every platform. They have amazing trainers with 10+ years’ experience, and an amazing syllabus and they are real-time live projects. I am Completing an expert Digital marketing course here and also selected an interview placed to Australia based company I will definitely recommend this course to everyone.


    Student -Vinoth Kumar - Digital Course in Medavakkam Chennai - For Job

    Mr. Thanigasalam guided me through my Digital Course at King of SEO, and he spoke in a clear and knowledgeable manner while teaching in a nice and helpful manner. This lesson is fantastic, and the one-on-one time is ideal. The most essential thing to me is that my past experience with digital marking was unrelated. After completing the training, I am confident in my ability to survey in this field. The Training institute in Medavakkam Chennai. Kingofseo Software Solutions and Training Private Limited comes highly recommended by me. Trainer with over ten years of expertise who has taught classes using real-world projects and digital tools.


    Business - Vinsce Training Institute in Porur Chennai - Digital Service

    Excellent Digital services and Social media all the campaigns and PPC works. Thanks to Kingofseo software solutions and training private limited company... We are strong to other companies in Digital marketing services. My business improved within 2 months in Google search engine first-page ranking and Vinsce received more inquiries online via the website. Thank you Kingofseo team.


    Student - Sachin Tendulkar - Digital Course - Got job Australia based company

    After completing my master's degree MCA. It was one of the best decisions to join the 3 Month Digital Course in Kingofseo Software Solutions and Training Private Limited Company Medavakkam Chennai. It is one of the best Digital marketing training courses (SEO SMO SEM SMM) with all the in-depth knowledge of each and every platform. They have amazing trainers with 10+ years’ experience, an amazing syllabus and they are real-time live projects. I am Completing an expert Digital marketing course here and also selected an interview placed to Australia based company I will definitely recommend this course to everyone.


    Student - Sudha Expert Digital Course For Business - iyalmaiam.com

    I have learned digital course here, I had no idea about this field when I joined, Excellent training by Mr. Thanigasalam helped me to get insights about the field and take up a career in this field. He clarified the doubts and helped to apply Digital marketing tools practically after every session and also helped in getting placed in a Company.


    Praveen - Digital Services - laurakidsbooks.com

    We are an online preowned and imported kid's book store based in Chennai. Our ranking has improved a lot within a month in search engine result pages since becoming a client of King Of SEO Software Solutions and Training Pvt Ltd. For the keyword "best kids books online Chennai" our website is ranked 5th position in Google organic search! I highly recommend small business owners and others to avail the fantastic digital marketing support of KingOfSEO


    Student - Sinju for Business "sinjunutritionist.com"

    This class is awesome. The instructor spoke very clearly and was very knowledgeable and patient. and good training & full supports for the future carrier. Trainer Name: Thanigasalam


    Web Designing Training in Chennai Key Features

    Real-Time Experts as Trainers

    Live Projects

    Student Comfortable Class Timing

    Affordable Fees

    Web Design Certification

    100% Placement Assistance

    Web Design Course Syllabus

    Introduction to Websites

    • What is a Webpage?
    • Introduction to HTML
    • Creating a simple HTML Document
    • Viewing HTML Document with Browsers
    • Introduction to different Web Browsers – IE, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, UC Browser
    • Webpage Vs Website
    • URLs / Domains
    • Web Servers and Web Hosting

    HTML 5

    • Elements of a HTML Document
    • Understanding HTML Tags
    • HTML Editors
    • Creating a Simple HTML Document
    • Adding Attributes to Tags
    • Handling Texts in HTML
    • Headings
    • Paragraphs
    • Formatting Texts
    • Managing Blocks with <Div>Tag
    • <Div>- Id’s and Class
    • Line Breaks
    • Managing Lists

    HTML Styles

    • Controlling Fonts and Size
    • Alignment
    • Applying Colors
    • Foreground and background colors

    HTML Tables

    • Creating a Table
    • Managing Columns
    • Table Borders
    • Border Spacing

    Handling Images

    • Adding Image
    • Formatting Image
    • Handling Size of an Image
    • Aligning Images
    • Adding Animated Images
    • Background Images
    • Handling Layouts

    HTML Forms

    • Introduction to HTML Forms
    • Form Elements
    • Form Input and Attributes

    Introducing HTML 5

    • HTML Vs HTML 5
    • New Elements in HTML 5
    • New Form Elements in HTML 5
    • Handling Audio & Video

    Handling Graphics

    • Canvas
    • Handling SVG

    HTML 5 APIs

    • Geolocation
    • Drag / Drop
    • Web Storage
    • Advantage of Web Storage over Cookies
    • Session based Web Storage

    Web Workers

    • Purpose of Web Workers
    • Advantages of using Web Workers
    • Creating and Running a Web Worker
    • Terminating a Web Worker
    • Resuing a Web Worker

    Introducing CSS and CSS 3

    • What is a Style Sheet?
    • Cascading Effect of a Style Sheet
    • Inline and External CSS
    • CSS Selectors – IDs and Classes
    • Understanding Layouts
    • Absolute, Relative and Fixed Positioning
    • Advanced CSS
    • Transformations
    • Responsive Layouts and Media Queries Simplifying

    CSS with Bootstrap

    • Introducing Boot Strap Framework
    • Advantages of Bootstrap Framework over CSS
    • Responsiveness with Bootstrap
    • Bootstrap Grids
    • Bootstrap UI Components
    • Buttons, Tables, Menus, Carousels, Dropdowns, Alerts


    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Necessity for JavaScript
    • JavaScript Structure and Elements
    • Operators and Functions
    • Control Structures
    • The Document Object Model (DOM), Objects and Nodes
    • Handling DOM using JavaScript
    • JavaScript Events
    • Animating UI Elements

    JQuery Framework

    • What is JQuery Framework
    • Advantages of JQuery
    • Integrating JQuery through CDNs
    • Understanding JQuery Selectors
    • UI Components
    • Buttons, Lists, Toolbars, Menus,
    • Handling Forms using JQuery
    • JQuery Events
    • Understanding Ajax
    • Implementing Ajax

    Mastering MySQL

    • Installing and Configuring MySQL
    • Understanding MySQL
    • Creating and Managing Database
    • MySQL data types
    • Creating Tables and Managing Tables
    • Data Manipulation in Tables – Insert, Update, Delete
    • Querying Data from Tables – Select, Joins
    • Advanced Data Manipulation – Groups, Functions, Constraints, Index
    • Handling Transactions in MySQL

    Introduction to PHP

    • What is PHP?
    • The Power of PHP
    • Learning the history of PHP
    • JavaScript / JQuery Vs PHP
    • What is Server Side Scripting
    • Client Side Scripting Vs Server Side Scripting
    • Installation of XAMPP
    • Importance of Apache Server
    • Configuring PHP and setting up the Environment
    • Working with Editors

    Basics of PHP

    • Coding PHP in HTML Document
    • Embedding PHP Codes
    • Executing PHP Embedded HTML Documents
    • PHP Coding Structure
    • Variables in PHP
    • Data types in PHP – Number, Strings, Date, and NULL
    • Arrays and Variations of Arrays

    Control Structures of PHP

    • Decision Making with IF Statements
    • Variations of IF Statements
    • Switch Statements
    • Using Operators with Decision Making Structures
    • Looping Structures
    • While Loops, For Loops, For each Loops
    • Using CONTINUE and BREAK in Loops
    • Managing Arrays with Control Structures

    Functions in PHP

    • Understanding Functions in PHP
    • Using Built-in Functions – Date, String and Mathematical Functions
    • Handling Return Value

    Nesting Functions

    User Defined Functions in PHP

    • Defining our Own Functions
    • Understanding Arguments and Return Values
    • Scope of Functions
    • Handling multiple return values
    • Defining default Arguments

    File Handling in PHP

    • Basics of File Handling and need to handle Files from PHP
    • Creating a File using PHP
    • Reading, Writing, Appending Files
    • Copy and Rename Files
    • Delete Files
    • Working with Directories
    • Parsing Directory Structures
    • Uploading Files

    Handling FORMS in PHP

    • Understanding PHP Forms
    • Validating User Inputs
    • Displaying Messages for Validation Errors
    • Using Functions for Validations
    • Creating Custom Functions for Data Validation
    • Handling Form Submissions
    • Handling Exceptions

    Accessing MySQL with PHP

    • Introduction to Database APIs
    • Establishing Connection with Databases
    • Retrieving data from Database
    • Manipulating Retrieved Data
    • Updating Records in Database using PHP
    • Deleting Records in Database using PHP
    • Understanding SQL Injection

    Sessions and Cookies

    • Understanding Cookies
    • Purpose and use of Cookies
    • Setting and Reading Cookie Values
    • Resetting Cookie Values
    • Understanding Sessions and importance of Sessions
    • Starting a Session and Working with Session
    • Understanding Session Variables
    • Closing Sessions

    Using Emails for Form Submission in PHP

    • Email Configuration in PHP
    • Need for Sending Mails from Web Applications
    • Using Send mail
    • Using PHPMailer

    Laravel for PHP

    • Overview of Different PHP Frameworks
    • Advantages of using Frameworks with PHP
    • Overview to CakePHP, Code Igniter
    • Introducing Laravel Framework
    • Why it is Most preferred and Popular than other Frameworks
    • Advantages of Laravel Framework

    Installation and Architecture

    • Installing Laravel Framework
    • Web Server Configuration
    • Architecture of Laravel
    • Application Structure
    • Service Providers and Containers
    • Application Structure of a Laravel Project
    • The MVC Model

    Laravel Component – Routes

    • Understanding Routes
    • Introduction to the Routes Structure
    • Performing basic Routing
    • Route Parameters
    • Route Naming

    Laravel Component - Controllers

    • Understanding Controllers
    • Creating Controllers in Laravel
    • Routing Controllers
    • Using Controllers as Middleware
    • Understanding Resources Controllers
    • Implicit Controllers
    • Constructor Injection and Method Injection

    Laravel Component - Views

    • Understanding Views
    • Providing Data to Views
    • Sharing Data with Multiple Views

    Request, Response and Cookies in Laravel

    • The Request URI
    • Retrieving the Input with Input() method
    • Handling Cookies
    • Understanding Responses
    • Attaching Headers to Responses
    • Sending Responses with Cookies
    • Handling JSON Responses

    Using the Laravel Blade Template Engine

    • Understanding Template Engine
    • Creating a Blade Template Layout
    • Extending Layouts
    • Templates Inheritance

    Handling Forms and Validation in Laravel

    • In-built tags to handle Forms
    • Setting up a Form
    • Adding various UI elements to the Form
    • Performing Validation
    • Request Validation and Controller Validation
    • Custom Validations
    • Handling Errors and Messages
    • Advanced Validations

    Handling Database

    • Creating Connections to Database
    • Accessing Databases
    • Creating Tables and Column Types
    • Querying Tables using Select, Join
    • Inserting, Updating, Deleting rows in Tables
    • Managing Columns with Column Modifiers
    • Updating and Dropping Tables

    Handling Migrations

    • The Migrations Concept
    • Advantages of Using Migrations
    • Creating and Dropping Migrations
    • Adding and Removing Columns using Migrations
    • Rollback Migrations

    Laravel Eloquent - ORM

    • Introduction to Eloquent ORM
    • Understanding Eloquent Models
    • Creating Models
    • Reading, Updating, Deleting Models
    • Querying and Data Filtering
    • Collections and Methods in Eloquent
    • Managing Relationships in Eloquent
    • Advanced Relationships handling in Eloquent
    • Managing Performance

    Advanced Topics

    • Sessions
    • Login
    • Authentication and Authorizations
    • Sending Email
    • Uploading Files

    Working with WordPress

    • Introduction to WordPress
    • com Vs WordPress.org
    • Installing and configuring WordPress
    • User Administration
    • Using WordPress Themes and Theme Customization
    • Working with Widgets
    • Working with Menus in WordPress
    • Managing Content and Advanced Content Management
    • WordPress Plugins

    Settings and Backup

    Working with Open cart

    • Introduction to Ecommerce and Shopping cart
    • Introduction to open cart
    • Installing and Configuring Open cart
    • Working with Open cart Extensions
    • Working with Products and Categories
    • Usage of Controllers in Open cart
    • Working with Models and Views
    • Themes and Plugins
    • Handling Payment process
    • Creating and Managing Custom Pages
    • Module Development in Open cart
    • Handling Backups

    Working with Photoshop

    • Introduction to Photoshop
    • Basics of Photoshop
    • Using Photoshop to Manage Image Handling in Web Designing
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