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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages. By applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, designers use typography and pictures to meet users' specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs, to optimize the user experience.

Trainer Profile

  • 10+ Year Experienced Trainer
  • Graphic Design Trainers at Kingofseo Academy trains the students with industry-relevant skills.
  • Graphic Designing Trainers at Kingofseo Academy are Industry leaders of the Graphic Designing field.
  • Trainers at Kingofseo Academy are Working professionals and they provide hands-on training to the students.
  • Trainers Upskills the designing knowledge of the students by training them with designing tools like Coreldraw, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Adobe Indesign.
  • Trainers at Kingofseo Academy provide the required individual attention to the students and explain the concepts clearly.
  • Trainers help the students in resume building and boost confidence in the students by providing the necessary mock interviews.

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    Graphic Design Training Syllabus

    Introduction to Graphic Design

    • What is Graphic Designing
    • Importance and Need for Graphics Designing
    • Applications of Graphics Designing – Print, Digital and for Entertainment
    • Career and Opportunities as a Graphics Designer
    • Introduction to various Tools available for Graphic Designing

    Graphic Designing Essentials

    • Importance of Color
    • Understanding Color Theory
    • Understanding Designing Principles
    • Designing Principles for Print, Web and other Digital Media

    Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

    • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
    • Various editions of Photoshop
    • Installing and launching Photoshop
    • Understanding the Photoshop Environment
    • Overview of the various Tools and Palates
    • Opening and Saving an Image File
    • Moving the Image
    • Zoom-in and Zoom-out the image
    • Setting up Layouts and Measurements
    • Creating and managing Work Space
    • Using Undo and Redo action and its limitations
    • Configuring and Setting Preferences

    Basics of Images

    • Understanding different types of Image files and Formats
    • Understanding Bitmap Images
    • Understanding Vector Images
    • Bitmap Vs Vector Images
    • Understanding Image Resolutions and Size
    • Creating New Image file

    Understanding Colors

    • Understanding the Basics of Colors
    • Understanding the RGB Model
    • Understanding the CMYK Model
    • RGB Vs CMYK
    • Colors on Screen Vs Colors On Print
    • Understanding Color Separation
    • Understanding Color Modes
    • Different types of Color Modes
    • Understanding Color Mode Conversions and its impact on the Image
    • Using Color Management in Photoshop
    • Understanding the Foreground and Background Colors
    • Using Color Tools – Color Picker, Color Palette, Swatches Palette, Eyedropper Tool

    Understanding and Working with Selection Tools

    • Understanding the Basics of Selection in Photoshop
    • Various tools available for Selection
    • Marquee Tools
    • Lasso Tools
    • The Magic Wand
    • Understanding Pixel Selection
    • Performing Pixel Selection and adjusting Selections
    • Performing Copy, Paste of Selections
    • Saving and Loading Selections
    • Understanding the Extract Command

    Working with Painting Tools and Brush Settings

    • Exploring various Painting Tools
    • Using the Brush and Pencil Tools
    • Understanding Blending Modes
    • Understanding Brush Tips and Sizes
    • Understanding the Shape Dynamics
    • Understanding the Brush Scattering and Texture behaviours
    • Resetting Brush Settings
    • Using the Eraser Tool
    • Erasing Foreground and Background
    • Using the Magic Eraser Tool
    • Using Color Fills
    • Filling Patterns and Solid Colors
    • Understanding and Using the Gradient Editor
    • Understanding and Adjusting Strokes

    Understanding Layers

    • Understanding Layers in Photoshop
    • Understanding and using The Layers Palette
    • Creating and Naming Layers
    • Hiding, UN Hiding and Rearranging Layers
    • Applying Layers
    • Creating Layer Sets
    • Using the Move Tool to Move and Position Layers
    • Learning to Lock Layers
    • Understanding Merging and Flattening Layers

    More on Layers

    • Creating and Managing Layer Styles
    • Understanding Adjustment Layers and Fill Layers
    • Understanding and Creating Knockout with Layers

    Working with Texts

    • Understanding the Basics of Text in Photoshop
    • Entering and Editing Texts
    • Editing Texts
    • Understanding and using the Character Palette
    • Applying Effects Digital

    Drawing with Photoshop

    • Understanding various Drawing Tools
    • Understanding Raster and Vector
    • Understanding and using Shape Layers and Options
    • Understanding and Using – Shape Tools, Pen Tools, Anchor Point Tools
    • Understanding and working with Path

    More on Colors - Channels

    • Understanding Channel in Photoshop
    • Using Channels to manipulate colors
    • Understanding Blending of Channels

    Understanding Alpha Channels

    Advanced Tools for Image Manipulation

    • Understanding the Canvas
    • Modifying the Canvas Size
    • Applying Cropping on Image Selections
    • Changing Image Orientation
    • Flipping and Transforming Images

    Learning to Sharpening Images and Blurring Images

    • Advanced Tools
    • Using the Clone Stamp Tool
    • Using the Pattern Stamp Tool
    • Clone Stamp Vs Pattern Stamp
    • Using the Healing Brush and Patch Tool
    • Exploring the Filter Gallery and Understanding Filters

    Advanced Tools for Image Correction

    • Understanding Retouching
    • More on Image Size and Resolutions
    • Understanding Image Straightening
    • Applying Automatic Adjustments
    • Exploring, Understanding and Applying Tonal Range Corrections
    • Adjusting Brightness, Lightness and Contrast
    • Techniques to Replace Colors in an Image
    • Using Separate Layers for Image Corrections

    Working with Digital Photographs

    • Getting Photographs into Photoshop
    • Getting Files from Camera
    • Scanning Photographs from Photoshop
    • Applying Corrections
    • Improving and clearing Image Distortions
    • Adjusting Colors, Brightness and Contrast Levels
    • Changing Image Resolution and Si

    Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

    • Understanding what is an Illustration
    • Why use Adobe Illustrator for Creating and Managing Illustrations
    • Understanding Raster Images
    • Understanding Vector Images
    • Advantages of Vector Images
    • Installing Adobe Illustrator
    • Launching Adobe Illustrator
    • Understanding the Working Environment
    • Introduction to Various Tools and Options
    • Opportunities for Illustration Designers

    Basics of Adobe Illustrator

    • Creating a New Illustrator Document
    • Adding Text and applying Formats
    • Learning How to Import Graphic from the Assets Library
    • Saving the file as a AI file
    • Understanding the User Interface
    • Managing Panels – Floating, Docked, Iconic, Extended
    • Exploring the Toolbar and Options Bar
    • Creating and Managing Workspaces
    • Understanding the Settings Options and Customization
    • Understanding Guides and Rulers
    • Understanding Smart Guides and Grids
    • Changing Ruler Units

    Navigating in Adobe Illustrator

    • Understanding Different Views
    • Opening and closing various Tools
    • Zoom-in and Zoom-out
    • Understanding the GPU and CPU Modes
    • Understanding the Outline Mode
    • Arranging Multiple Opened Documents

    Understanding Artboards

    • Understanding Artboards in Illustrator
    • Creating Multiple Artboards of different Sizes and Orientation
    • Understanding the Need of having Multiple Artboards
    • Managing Artboards with the Artboard Tool
    • Exploring Artboard Panel
    • Exporting and Importing Artboards

    Working with Shapes

    • Understanding Various Shapes
    • Creating Basic Shapes – Lines, Circles, Rectangles etc.,
    • Understanding Strokes and Fills
    • Selecting and Moving Shapes
    • Understanding Path Selection and Direct Selection Tool

    Selecting, Combining and Aligning Shapes

    • Understanding Selection in Illustrator
    • Selecting Objects using the basic Selection Tool
    • Selecting Multiple Objects
    • Understanding and using the Magic Wand and Lasso Tool for Selection

    Inverting and Locking Selections

    • More options for Selections
    • Learn to Save the Selection
    • Understanding the power of Pathfinder Tool
    • Creating Complex Shapes with Pathfinder
    • Understanding the Shape Builder Tool
    • Using Shape Builder Tool to Combine, Merge and perform Advanced Shape Manipulations
    • Combining Objects/Shapes using Compound Path
    • Using the Align Panel to Align Shapes and Objects

    Managing Shapes and Objects

    • Selecting Multiple Objects
    • Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
    • Understanding the Isolation Mode
    • Working with Layers
    • Locking Objects from Moving
    • Arranging Objects

    Applying Transformations

    • Understanding Transformations
    • Advantages of Transformations
    • Enabling the Transformation Panel in Illustrator
    • Applying Transformation using the Bounding Box
    • Rotate and Flip Objects and Shapes
    • Scale and Sheer Objects and Shapes
    • Moving Objects
    • Understanding Reflect and Applying Reflect
    • Applying Free Transformation
    • Understanding and using Distort Tools

    Managing the Object Appearance

    • Understanding Strokes
    • Various Stroke Settings – Dashed, Arrow Heads, Weights etc.,
    • Managing Alignments
    • Managing the Stroke Caps and Corners
    • Managing Multiple Strokes and Fills
    • Understanding Graphic Styles
    • Understanding Blend Modes and Opacity Options
    • Understanding Color Swatches
    • Using Color Swatches
    • Processing Color Swatches
    • Understanding Color Groups and Color Themes in Illustrator
    • Saving and Exporting Swatches
    • Importing Swatches
    • Understanding Spot Colors and Process Colors
    • Sport Colors Vs Process Colors
    • Understanding Gradients
    • Using Gradients Tool and Panels
    • Using Gradients Swatches

    Applying Effects

    • Understanding Effects
    • Understanding Raster Effects
    • Understanding Vector Effects
    • Understanding and applying Scribble
    • Exploring Various 3D Effects
    • Understanding Stylise

    Working with Text

    • Inserting Texts
    • Understanding the Terms – Leading, Kerning, Tracking and Baseline Shift
    • Understanding the Character Panel
    • Managing Paragraphs
    • Formatting Paragraphs
    • Understanding and using Threaded Text
    • Applying Character and Paragraph Styles
    • Working with Fonts
    • Understanding SVG Fonts
    • Understanding the Touch Type Tool
    • Exploring Touch Type Tool
    • Type and Align Text to Path
    • Edit Path and Text Position
    • Typing Text inside and around Shapes
    • Wrapping Text and Wrapping Text Options
    • Applying 3D effects on Text
    • Understanding How to create Text from outline
    • Placing Text on Images and Images inside Text
    • Wrapping Text

    Working with Drawing Tools

    • Using Basic Drawing Tools – Pencil, Paintbrush, Simplify path
    • Coloring with Blob Brush Tool
    • Drawing in Foreground and background
    • Understanding the Eraser Tool and Path Eraser Tool
    • Understanding and working with the Join Tool

    Working with Knife and Scissors Tool

    • Drawing within Objects
    • Managing Anchor Points and Handles with Pen Tool
    • Adding and Removing Points on Path
    • Working with Advanced Drawing Tools
    • Curvature Tool
    • Reshape Tool
    • Arc and Spiral Tools
    • Understanding and creating Symmetrical Drawings
    • Creating Concentric Drawing
    • Understanding and Performing Tracings

    Managing Brushes for Advanced Drawing

    • Understanding Brushes
    • Understanding Brush Settings
    • Understanding Scatter Brushes and Calligraphic Brushes
    • Working with Art Brushes and Watercolor sets
    • Working with Bristle Brushes
    • Understanding and working with Pattern Brushes
    • Understanding and Working with Image Brushes

    Managing Images in Illustrator

    • Importing and Placing Images
    • Understanding the link Option
    • Managing Image Resolutions
    • Embedding Images
    • Preparing Simple and Complex Images for Tracking
    • Saving Images as Transparent PSD files
    • Understanding Image Tracing
    • Exploring the Image Trace Panel
    • Understanding the Image Trace Panel Settings
    • Enhancing Traced Images
    • Re coloring Artworks to enhance Complex Tracing

    Advanced Features of Illustrator

    • Understanding Masking
    • Understanding Opacity Mask and Clipping Mask
    • Understand how to Recolor Artwork
    • Working with Live Paint Bucket
    • Understanding Envelope Distorting
    • Working with Symbols
    • Using Default Symbols
    • Creating Custom Symbols
    • Working with Graph
    • Understanding Graph Tools
    • Overview of Perspective Drawing

    Working with Perspective Drawing

    • Exporting and Printing Illustrations
    • Saving Illustrations for Print Use
    • Saving Illustrations for Web Use
    • Exporting Illustrations

    Become a Graphic Designer

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    I finished my digital marketing course under the guidelines of Thanigasalam sir The way of teaching was very good and excellent. This is very helpful in making me learn about marketing in the digital world. It's a very useful course for my future. I have thanks to my trainer thank you for your support sir.


    Pravin-Advanced Digital Marketing Course - Got job in top MNC company

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    Student Jaikumar - Completed Expert Digital Marketing Business Owner - Galaxytraining.in

    I would like to thank Mr.Thanigasalam, for assisting and guiding us through Digital Marketing. We have seen the results in real-time for my concern. Our website https://galaxytraining.in for overseas education and test prep training on GRE, TOEFL, and such has reached top-ranking search pages. Our blogs are really doing well. We are having good conversions in our online marketing strategy as laid by the team. I wish him and the team of Kingofseo for their dedication and commitment to their profession. All the best


    Student - Selvi - Expert Digital Marketing Course - Got Job in Chennai

    I completed Advanced digital marketing in kingofseo. Very useful to the course in my future.I have thanks to my trainer he is very friendly behave to me. my trainer is good (Thanigasalam sir) thank you for your support.


    Student - M. Raja Ramana - Selected intellect Company

    It's my pleasure to share my review of your training. I joined kingofseo in December 2021 and completed the course digital marketing in February 2021 after completing the course I got pleased in the intellect design area limited within two weeks. Thank you for Thanigasalam, sir .he was cool and friendly teaching.


    Student - J Jayaprakash - Expert Digital Marketing Course

    After completing my master's degree MCA. It was one of the best decisions to join the 3 Month Digital Marketing Course in Kingofseo Software Solutions and Training Private Limited Company Medavakkam Chennai. It is one of the best Digital marketing training courses (SEO SMO SEM SMM) with all the in-depth knowledge of each and every platform. They have amazing trainers with 10+ years’ experience, and an amazing syllabus and they are real-time live projects. I am Completing an expert Digital marketing course here and also selected an interview placed to Australia based company I will definitely recommend this course to everyone.


    Student -Vinoth Kumar - Digital Marketing Course in Medavakkam Chennai - For Job

    Mr. Thanigasalam guided me through my Digital Marketing Course at King of SEO, and he spoke in a clear and knowledgeable manner while teaching in a nice and helpful manner. This lesson is fantastic, and the one-on-one time is ideal. The most essential thing to me is that my past experience with digital marking was unrelated. After completing the training, I am confident in my ability to survey in this field. The Best Digital Marketing Course Training institute in Medavakkam Chennai. Kingofseo Software Solutions and Training Private Limited comes highly recommended by me. Trainer with over ten years of expertise who has taught classes using real-world projects and digital marketing tools.


    Business - Vinsce Training Institute in Porur Chennai - Digital Marketing Service

    Excellent Digital Marketing services and Social media all the campaigns and PPC works. Thanks to Kingofseo software solutions and training private limited company... We are strong to other companies in Digital marketing services. My business improved within 2 months in Google search engine first-page ranking and Vinsce received more inquiries online via the website. Thank you Kingofseo team.


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    After completing my master's degree MCA. It was one of the best decisions to join the 3 Month Digital Marketing Course in Kingofseo Software Solutions and Training Private Limited Company Medavakkam Chennai. It is one of the best Digital marketing training courses (SEO SMO SEM SMM) with all the in-depth knowledge of each and every platform. They have amazing trainers with 10+ years’ experience, an amazing syllabus and they are real-time live projects. I am Completing an expert Digital marketing course here and also selected an interview placed to Australia based company I will definitely recommend this course to everyone.


    Kathir Manikandan - Advanced Digital Marketing Course

    The instructor was very kind, clear in his responses to my questions, and gracious in his explanations of all the topics.


    Vetrivel Business Owner - SEO and Wordpress Training - https://chennaifoodmachine.com

    I am new to SEO, web design using Wordpress Mr. Thanikasalam who taught me both, now I am able to develop/maintain/handle SEO on my own my company website, I really appreciate his polite approach & lecturing and I would recommend others to study IT courses under him


    Student - baminitha manivannan - Completed Advanced Digital Marketing training

    I Finished My Advanced Digital Marketing Course under the Guidelines of Mr. Thanigasalam sir. He explains me the concept with more examples clearly. The course was very useful.


    Student - Sudha Expert Digital Marketing Course For Business - iyalmaiam.com

    I have learned digital marketing course here, I had no idea about this field when I joined, Excellent training by Mr. Thanigasalam helped me to get insights about the field and take up a career in this field. He clarified the doubts and helped to apply Digital marketing tools practically after every session and also helped in getting placed in a Company.


    Praveen - Digital Marketing Services - laurakidsbooks.com

    We are an online preowned and imported kid's book store based in Chennai. Our ranking has improved a lot within a month in search engine result pages since becoming a client of King Of SEO Software Solutions and Training Pvt Ltd. For the keyword "best kids books online Chennai" our website is ranked 5th position in Google organic search! I highly recommend small business owners and others to avail the fantastic digital marketing support of KingOfSEO


    Student - Sinju for Business "sinjunutritionist.com"

    This class is awesome. The instructor spoke very clearly and was very knowledgeable and patient. and good training & full supports for the future carrier. Trainer Name: Thanigasalam


    Student – Bharath – Got job in The source solutions OMR



    Student - Richardson for Job in Velachery

    The trainer Thanigasalam who makes me understand what is digital marketing and how it works out in an easy way. Thank you so much, sir.


    Student - Yeshwin Kumar - Got job in The source solutions OMR

    I finished my digital marketing course under the guidelines of Thanigasalam, sir the teaching flow is very interactive, the learning process was really good & now I'm pretty much clear about SEO, SEM, SMM, and SMO.


    Student Rahul - Completed expert level digital marketing

    Hi this is rahul. I am done expert level digital marketing.the teaching level is very good and makes sense well. So i surely recommend this training Institute.


    Student - Murali Kumar - Business Owner for mydropcab.com

    I finished my digital marketing course under the guidelines of Thanigasalam The way of teaching was very good and excellent. The trainer was friendly and helpful.


    Student - M.Dinesh - for Job

    Nice place to digital marketing course and gather more knowledge about digital marketing and done live projects to gain tricks and strategy in digital marketing.


    Student - Dafy J Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

    Excellent learning experience. Best teaching and guidance


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